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Overall Plan. I'll be covering lots of Twitter features in this presentation, and I hope it can be useful both for Twitter beginners as well as for people who are using Twitter already. If you are already a Twitter user, please chime in with your own ideas and tips during the presentation using the hashtag for the conference: #UOConference. If you have room, include my handle so that I can make sure to catch each tweet: @OnlineCrsLady.

Slide Pages. Each slide page has a few chosen words plus a graphic or active Twitter content, and there is also additional information below the slide if you scroll on down. I prepared this presentation in considerable haste at the last minute when another presenter had to cancel, so the notes are not detailed; leave a comment if anything is not clear, and I'll expand on the notes as needed!

Ask Questions, Please! You can ask questions via the Adobe chat if there are items you'd like me to go over in more detail, or you can use Twitter: #UOConference. In addition, you can contact me after the talk with any questions you have (Twitter, G+, or email:

About the Blog. I've also explained here how and why I hacked a blog to be like a slideshow (it's an experiment I've always wanted to try). After the presentation is over, I'll move the widgets at the bottom of the pages to go in a sidebar, and the blog will look much more like a blog!

Here is a list of "slide" posts in the presentation:
  1. Twitter confession
  2. The power of the PLN
  3. Model users
  4. Twitter and other social networks
  5. Twitter for teachers
  6. Twitter Chats
  7. Twitter Chat: #OpenTeachingOU
  8. Upgrading Online Chat
  9. Twitter for cMOOCs
  10. Twitter for emergencies
  11. Multiple accounts
  12. Twitter Profiles
  13. Twitter Handles
  14. Composing a tweet
  15. Images in tweets
  16. Videos in tweets
  17. The power of Hashtags
  18. Using Hashtags
  19. RT: Retweet
  20. Beware "retweet with comment"
  21. Classic Retweet browser extension
  22. Twitter conversations
  23. When a reply is not a reply...
  24. Twitter Favorites
  25. Twitter Notifications
  26. Networking: Followers and Following
  27. Twitter Lists
  28. Adding yourself to a Twitter List
  29. Tweet URL
  30. Embed a tweet
  31. Twitter Widgets
  32. Twitter Widgets in blogs
  33. Twitter in an LMS (D2L)
  34. Blog crossposting
  35. Twitter and Amazon Kindle
  36. Twitter and Inoreader
  37. Tweets to Pinterest
  38. Twitter Settings
  39. Sponsored tweets and advertising
  40. Mute, Block, Report
  41. Twitter Direct Messages
  42. TweetDeck
  43. Tagboard
  44. Storify
  45. Fake Twitter

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