Mute, Block, Report

Ads are not really annoying, but spam can be. There are a lot of spam accounts at Twitter. A LOT of spam accounts. To block and report, just click on the three dots on a tweet, or use the gear icon on a user's profile. [next]

Additional comments:

I recently attended a social justice tech conference that was targeted for abuse, with some seriously evil people who were trying to hijack the conference hashtag. Some of the very tech savvy people at the conference got together and managed to get that under control, and in the follow-up discussions, one of them shared a link to this useful service: Block Together. Hopefully you will never need to know about anything like that, but I was glad to learn about it.

If your experience is like mine, you will see a lot of Twitter bot accounts that follow you because of a keyword you might use in a tweet; I personally don't worry about blocking those account. When I see what is clearly a spam or porn account, though, I do block it. One of the settings you can access is a list of all your blocked accounts, and it's a real chamber of horrors: ugh! I don't really have problems like that at Google+ which is another reason why I spend more time there. Twitter is extremely useful, but I'm much more aware of the "dark side" of Twitter than I am over at Google+.

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