Twitter for cMOOCs

One of the main reasons I started using Twitter a lot was because I wanted to participate in online learning experiences like #ccourses, #Rhizo15, and #clmooc. Twitter can be your virtual classroom! [next]

Additional comments:

One of my biggest complaints about MOOC providers like Coursera or Janux (my school's MOOC program) is that their software does not have good integration with Twitter, even though it is so easy to embed a Twitter widget in any kind of web environment, as you can see. If you really want people both to explore and to make connections, Twitter is a really important tool, and the fact that the Coursera software did not have any Twitter-awareness (maybe they have since fixed that...?) was, to me, a sign that they really had not thought about what it would take to create a truly social environment for learning.

Have you participated in a cMOOC that you would like to recommend? Was Twitter an important part of that experience for you? Share your reflections with the #UOConference hashtag!

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