Twitter Profiles

Make good use of your Twitter profile by filling in the available fields, including an avatar picture. You can always change your avatar later. I use a fox for my avatar at Twitter as I do at all my social networks. [next]

Additional comments:

It's easy to fill out the profile, and it really does make a big difference if you can add a few words plus a link to your main online space. In addition to the profile, you can adjust lots of Twitter preferences, which I'll discuss in a later slide: Your Twitter Account Settings.

Ever since I first started using social networks (for me it was Ning, back in 2007), I've been using variations on the fox as my avatar. You can see my OnlineCrsLady fox above, and I use a Fox-in-Socks postage stamp for my OnlineMythIndia class account (and that's also my avatar in the course management system, D2L, at my school).

And why a fox? Because the fox is the arch-trickster in Aesop's fables, and Aesop's fables are my academic speciality. Go, foxes!!!

Does your avatar picture have a story that goes with it? And do you use the same avatar across different spaces, or different pictures for different spaces? Share your avatar stories with the #UOConference hashtag!

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