Twitter Widgets

What makes Twitter most useful for me are the widgets: they allow you to display Twitter content (a stream, hashtag, favorites, etc.) in a blog or website, as here. [next]

Additional comments:

If you play around with a widget, you will see all kinds of great things about it: you can scroll down and load even more past tweets; you can send a tweet down at the bottom of the widget (although for that, you do have to be logged in to a Twitter account), and the media viewer not only displays the images in the widget — it even plays the video in a teeny-tiny form!

When my students learn that they can include Twitter widgets in their blogs, that is a big incentive for them to explore Twitter and see how it can be useful to them. Even if they do not do any tweeting themselves, they can still create widgets to use based on another person's Twitter account or a Twitter hashtag. Here is the information I share with them about making widgets: Making Twitter Widgets.

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