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Retweet other people's tweets is a big part of what makes Twitter a strong network: you are helping to spread valuable information when you retweet! [next]

Additional comments:

When you retweet, the people who follow you will see the items you retweet, with a little indication above the tweet that the retweet came from you. So, you should retweet those items that you want to be part of your Twitter stream.

Each person strikes their own balance between how much they retweet and how much of their stream consists of their own tweets. My class Twitter consists almost entirely of retweets, but my OnlineCrsLady account is a mix of original tweets and retweets.

That Chaucer Doth Tweet account is one of my very favorite Twitter accounts. Sometimes he goes on a "road trip" with Dante, too! Very fun stuff.

Do you have some favorite fun Twitter accounts that you follow? Share with the #UOConference hashtag!

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