Twitter and other social networks

My main social network is Google+ but it's easy to strike a balance between the two because they are so different, and the same is true for using both Twitter and Facebook, etc. Find YOUR best balance! [next]

Additional comments:

The infographic points out some distinctive features of the different networks, but it's important to remember that everybody uses these powerful tools in their own, different ways. For example, my use of Google+ as an educator is very different from the way a photographer might use Google+, and when it comes to a social network like Pinterest, my educational goals are not even close to the "typical" Pinterest user. Don't worry about what's typical, though: just figure out which network(s) are most useful for you, and then think about how you can best coordinate your efforts across networks.

Have you come up with a good combination of social networks for education? If so, share with the #UOConference hashtag!

Infographic is from Search Engine Watch.

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