Tweets to Pinterest

Because a tweet has a URL, you can pin a tweet to a Pinterest Board. So useful for tweets with images! Click on the time/date stamp to see the tweet as a standalone page, and then pin as usual. [next]

Additional comments:

Since tweets are so short, it's easy to paste in the tweet text as the description to go with the Pinterest pin. The way I do that is just to quickly highlight and copy the text of the tweet before I hit the "pin" button, and then I can paste in the tweet text.

If the tweet contains a link, it's much better to click the link, go to the page, and then pin that webpage rather than pinning the tweet; an article will be more useful later on than the tweet would be!

There's also Twitter integration in Pinterest so that you can send pins automatically to Twitter if you want. I don't use that service myself (I find it easier just to do that manually, especially since I have two different Twitter accounts that I use actively), but it is easy to turn on: Share Pins and boards on Facebook or Twitter.

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