Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat relies on a hashtag to conduct an online conversation in real time, and it's become very popular with educators, going back to #edchat which began back in 2009! [next]

Additional comments:

Twitter chats are really easy to organize, with a few questions decided in advance to help pace the discussion. One of the things you'll notice if you participate in a Twitter chat is that the moderator will release the "question" tweets periodically during the chat, with the questions labeled Q1, Q2, etc. People can then put A1, A2, etc. at the beginning of their tweets as they respond, in addition to including the hashtag. Including the A1 in your tweet is helpful, but the essential thing is to include the hashtag: the hashtag is what holds the chat together.

Are there some educational Twitter chats in which you participate? If so, share with the #UOConference hashtag!

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