Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are crucial to how I use Twitter, allowing me to spend the time I have (usually not much!) in a focused way. One of my most important lists is faculty and staff at my school. [next]

Additional comments:

To learn how to create lists and add people to them, you can use these help pages which I wrote for my students: Twitter Lists.

I maintain that list of OU Faculty-Staff and OU Programs manually, which seems to me an incredibly inefficient way to do business in the year 2015. I've asked people in our IT and in our WebCommunications office if we could not have some social media features in our school directory ( so that people could add their Twitter handles and other social media addresses. Alas, nothing has come of that!

Does anybody work at a school that has found a good solution to the directory so that it is more than just email, office, and phone? Share some good models using the #UOConference hashtag!

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