Multiple accounts

I use two Twitter accounts: OnlineCrsLady AND OnlineMythIndia for my Myth-Folklore and India classes. For me, the easiest way to keep them separate is to be logged in with separate browsers. [next]

Additional comments:

Making the decision to start a new Twitter account for my class was really liberating for me; I'd been trying to use just one account to accomplish both tasks, and it was really awkward. As soon as I created the new account for my class Twitter, everything fell into place. So if you are feeling really discombobulated in your Twitter usage, you might need to think about having two different accounts, or even more!

The two-browser solution works great for me, but there are other tools for managing multiple accounts, like Tweetdeck, which I'll discuss in a later slide.

Do you use multiple accounts? And what prompted you to do that? Share your strategies with the #UOConference hashtag!

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