Twitter and Inoreader

For my feed reader, I use Inoreader, and it has Twitter integration, which means I can follow Twitter in the same way that I follow blogs, with all the options like "mark as read," "save for later," saving in folders, etc. [next]

Additional comments:

Inoreader is a really amazing tool; that's the tool that I use to create the blog hub feeds for my courses (Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics), and it's also how I create my "omnifeed" which combines my blog posts, G+ posts, and Twitter feeds into one stream. You can find out more about the importance of Inoreader for my overall online strategy here:

For me, RSS is the glue that holds everything together and since Twitter does not support RSS, I rely on Inoreader to integrate Twitter into the rest of my RSS world.

Are there other integrated readers out there that allow you to keep up with Twitter along with traditional RSS content like blogs? If you have suggestions, share them using the #UOConference hashtag!

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