Expand Your Reach Online

Openly sharing online is a great way to extend your reach. Even though I'm a very small person in the world of higher education, being online has allowed me to make a real impact. [next]

Additional comments:

In terms of networking strategies, I would recommend following the connections that lead naturally from one person to another. That happens in different ways in different online spaces, so explore whatever space you are using and see how that works.

When you are at Twitter, for example, you can check out the profiles of people that you follow to see who follows them and who they follow. In general, I don't find the Twitter automated recommendations to be very good, but when I have a few minutes to spare, I really enjoy scrolling through the follow screens of people I really like at Twitter.

At Google+, on the other hand, I find new people by following the people who comment in the same discussions that I participate in, and I also find people by joining Communities. I rarely participate in Google+ Communities (more about G+ Communities here), but I do find them really useful for exploring the network.

The image is another one from the Proverb Laboratory: A little person sometimes casts a long shadow. It's a French proverb: Un petit homme projette parfois une grande ombre.

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