Creative Imitation

As you start building online content, don't try to start from scratch. Instead, imitate what is great, and then make it your own. [next]

Additional comments:

Creative imitation is at the heart of popular storytelling traditions, long before the advent of digital remix culture. The students in my Myth-Folklore class and my Indian Epics class retell traditional stories in their own ways, imitating the stories while providing their own creative twist. You can see the amazing results here in the Storybook projects: eStorybook Central, and I've embedded a javascript widget below that shows some of their projects at random. (The widget is built with, and you can find out more about this wonderful too here: Randomization Wonderland.)

The image in the slide above is another item from the Proverb Laboratory: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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