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Because the walled-off LMS is closed by default, it's hard for you and your students to share their work. Open spaces are better for sharing! [next]

Additional comments:

One of the ways I've tried to promote sharing at my school is by using the hashtag #OpenTeachingOU in my Twitter and Google+ posts. Using Inoreader's great RSS/clippings service, I created a combined feed that shows my #OpenTeachingOU posts, which you can see here: #OpenTeachingOU.

Even better, I got together with two of my colleagues in Oklahoma, Stacy Zemke (who coordinates OER development in the OU Libraries) and Rob Reynolds (of NextThought), and we organized an #OpenTeachingOU Twitter chat event that took place every two weeks at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. It was a big success, and I hope we will be doing that again in the Fall. There's a blog site that supports the chat, and you can find the Storify archives for the chats we had: OpenTeachingOU Blog.

OU also have a Domain of One's Own pilot at, and hopefully that will also generate some great open teaching experiments next year as well!

The image above is another proverb poster from the Proverb Laboratory: Share and share alike.

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