Twitter is fun and useful, but Google+ is my main hangout online. I'm a fan of Google services in general, and I blog at Google's Blogger profile. [next]

Additional comments:

I've never used Facebook, but prior to Google+ I had used Ning, Yammer, and Chatter for connecting with people online... and then from Day One of Google+ I was hooked. Of course, I'm sure that it will go away sooner or later (nothing online is forever), but I sure am enjoying this social space for as long as it lasts.

About Google+ Communities: I am not a big fan of Google+ Communities because they are not part of the fully public space. When I post something at Google+, anybody can see that, whether or not they are Google+ users or not; it functions as a kind of blog. With Communities, the sharing is more complicated, and only members of a Community can comment on a post. I know there are a lot of educators who use Google+ Communities, and that's great, but I got started at Google+ before the Communities came along, and for me the public posting has worked just fine! If you are curious to see how Google+ works, here's my Google+ stream.

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