Twitter: OnlineMythIndia

I also have a separate Twitter stream for my classes: OnlineMythIndia. This Twitter stream contains items I think might be of interest to students in my Myth class and/or my Indian class. [next]

Additional comments:

I find it very useful to have these two separate Twitter accounts, and I keep them separate in my own mind by logging in to them from two different browsers. I use the Chrome browser all day for my work, so that is where I log into the OnlineCrsLady account. I then jump over to Firefox several times throughout the day to add items to my OnlineMythIndia class Twitter. By having the accounts in different browsers, I never get mixed up! (At least not so far.) It would also be possible to use Tweetdeck or some other app to access two different accounts like this, but using two different browsers is the solution that works best for me.

For the class Twitter feed, I follow mostly institutional accounts: museums, digital libraries, etc. There are a few personal accounts that I follow, too, like the amazing Dirk Puehl (who posts so much great stuff for my Myth-Folklore class) and the great author William Dalrymple (who posts so much that I can use for Indian Epics). You can see the list of feeds I follow here: OnlineMythIndia Follows.

Most of my students do not use Twitter, so the class Twitter feed is really a way to get information out to them. I include the Twitter feed as a widget in our class announcements page, and, best of all, because that blog is the homepage for my D2L class space, the Twitter widget breathes life into the otherwise lifeless space that is D2L:

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