Twitter: OnlineCrsLady

One place you can find me online is at Twitter, where I am known as OnlineCrsLady. Twitter is a great way to keep up with news from my school and to connect with colleagues around the world. [next]

Additional comments:

The panel you are seeing in this post is a Twitter widget which displays the latest tweets (excluding replies) in my Twitter stream. It updates automatically; once you install the widget (in a blog post, sidebar, webpage, etc.), you don't have to do anything: Twitter puts the latest tweets there for you.

Twitter widgets are one of my favorite things about Twitter! You can create a Twitter widget based on a user, as above, or based on a hashtag, a list, etc. Just go to "Settings," and then choose "Widgets," and select the options you prefer. The widget I've used above is one for my OnlineCrsLady account, and I've also used a different Twitter widget on this page for the #UOConference hashtag.

For more information, here's a page I share with my students: Twitter widgets.

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