Laura Gibbs, Online Instructor

I came to the University of Oklahoma in 1999, and I've been teaching fully online courses since 2002. The courses I am now teaching are Mythology and Folklore and Epics of Ancient India. [next]

Additional comments:

I do all my teaching "in the open," so you can find out lots more about my classes by visiting the course hubs — Mythology and Folklore and Epics of Ancient India — and also by looking at the links for my hub. In particular, I try to document my teaching strategies at this site: Anatomy of an Online Course. Both courses are writing-intensive courses which are part of the General Education program at OU, not part of a major. As a result, I get to meet students from all the different majors and colleges at OU: from accounting to opera, petroleum engineering to graphic design, marketing to meteorology. Most of the students are seniors, and many of them are in their final semester of university, and the Gen. Ed. class for a graduation requirement.

For an overview of my approach to online teaching, here is a Medium post I wrote a while ago: Devotedly Digital — Why I Love Teaching Online. For video, here's a little interview with the incomparable Howard Rheingold: Teaching the Humanities Online.

The image above shows the entrance to OU's Bizzell Library.

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