The Power of Search

Share your advanced search skills with your students! Explicitly teaching them how to make better use of search engines can give them a big boost. [next]

By seeking you will find.

Additional comments:

The search engine I use is Google, and as a writing teacher, I make sure to share the "define" search parameter with my students. So, for example, when I am sending comments back to a student about their writing and they have a spelling or word usage error that they need to fix, the link I include is to the Google define display for the word. I shorten the URL with to make it easier to include in the URL. Just add "define" to your Google search to see how that works, as here for camouflage:

You can find some more Google search tips here: Google Like a Boss.

The image above is another one of the LatinLOLCatsQuaerendo invenietis. By seeking you will find.

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