Don't OD on Information

Information overload can also become a problem. Solution: don't worry about it! Keep up with as much or as little as your time allows. [next]

Additional comments:

One of the things I really like about the asynchronous digital world is that conversations are patient: they can wait until you have time to join in. Sometimes conversations from months or even years ago can spring back into life; this happens a lot at Google+ for example, which is one of the reasons why it is my favorite online platform. It provides near-synchronous conversations if you happen to be online at the same time as someone else, but you can also bring an old conversation back to life by adding a comment, which then sends a notification to all the people who had participated in the conversation previously.

To manage that world of digital information, I rely on Inoreader, which is an amazing RSS feed reader that also has Twitter and Google+ integration. The best way to describe Inoreader is that it is like the old Google Reader combined with lots of Gmail features (filters, labels), plus the power of YahooPipes for combining multiple RSS feeds. If you are someone who is using Feedly while still missing good old Google Reader, I'd recommend that you give Inoreader a try. You can find out more here: Tips for Making Good Use of Inoreader. In conjunction with that post, I also did a screencast:

The image above is another one of the GrammarCatz: I'm on the Internet, suffering from information overload.

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