Reuse and Recycle

As you strategize content development, think about future reuse and/or about recycling something you have already created. [next]

Additional comments:

This whole presentation is a good example of recycle/reuse in action. The images here come from past projects: I did the LatinLOLCats years ago, back when I was still hoping to be able to teach Latin online at my school (alas, no luck with that), the GrammarCatz are something I created just for fun with my grandson a couple of summers ago when he came to visit, and the proverb posters were part of a proverb project I was working on a few years ago — the project itself didn't work out as planned, but I sure have gotten a lot of use out of those posters!

Meanwhile, the reason I created this "slideshow" as posts in a blog is that I am hoping to get some good use from this presentation separate from the conference itself; you can find out more here: About This Blog.

The image above is another one from the Proverb Laboratory: Waste not, want not.

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