Put Your Students in the Driver's Seat

So, I hope you can do what you love, and I hope the same for your students. You can also help your students do what they love by putting them in the driver's seat. Give them choices, and then watch them go! [next]

I am not driven: I drive.

Additional comments:

I mentioned autonomy in an earlier slide (Dan Pink's autonomy, mastery, purpose), and it's a theme I cannot emphasize too much: the more real autonomy your students have, the more real learning they can do — in large part because autonomy gives them the freedom to do what they love.

A great place where you can explore the idea of student autonomy is in articles at the Hybrid Pedagogy online journal. Just do a site search for autonomy and the related concept of agency, and you will find all kinds of challenging and thought-provoking articles to look at: autonomy and agency. I'd also recommend this post by Steve Wheeler: Freedom, democracy and education, and also this post by Bud Hunt: In search of agency.

The image above is another one of the LatinLOLCatsNon ducor: duco. I am not driven: I drive.

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