Get Your Feet Wet

So, it's time: take the plunge, and don't be afraid to get your feet wet. You might even find out that the water feels pretty good! [next]

Additional comments:

Once you get people looking forwards instead of backwards (see previous post), you can then help them toconfront and overcome their fears. A good way to do that is to refocus from the fear to the goal the student wants to achieve. Cats like fish... so you need to find out just what it is that your students like, what motivates them. Hopefully, that motivation can be something intrinsic, something other than a grade. One good way to find out about what your students like is to give them choices and see what they choose!

A mantra I always keep in mind is from Dan Pink's Drive: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Teaching online, I enjoy a much greater sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose than I ever had as a classroom teacher, and I really hope that my students can feel the same about their online learning experience. For more about Drive, check out this video from RSA:

The poster is another one from the Proverb Laboratory: If you are afraid to wet your feet, you will never catch fish.

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