Use Open-Ended Challenges

So, let your students follow their own paths — and if they are going to fly high, they need open-ended, creative challenges. Let them fly as high as they want to go! [next]

Additional comments:

In other words: not multiple choice, not quizzes, not exams, where all the right answers have been determined in advance. Instead of asking the students to discover what you already know, ask them to focus on discovering things that they do not know... which might be unknown to you too! If you can design open-ended challenges for your students based on discovery, creation, and connecting, you will be amazed and surprised at the results in a way that will never be true when you give them a test.

That has been the case for me year after years teaching my classes: even though I am teaching the "same" classes each semester, the students' creativity makes every semester a new and memorable experience, both for them and for me. To see what I mean, just take a few minutes to browse through their projects, each one so different from the others: eStorybook Central.

This is another one from the Proverb Laboratory: If the string is long, the kite will fly high.

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