Design an Online Identity

There are so many ways to build your online identity — or identities! — and you need to help your students do the same. What to share, how much, with whom: it's all up to you! [next]

Additional comments:

When people tell me that they are going to start teaching online, the first thing I start advising them to do is to build their online presence, exploring different social spaces online to see what kinds of sharing and interaction they like best. Each online space has its strengths and weaknesses, and only you can decide which space(s) are right for you, along with which spaces might be useful for your students too.

In addition to the spaces I've mentioned in the previous slides that are really important for me (Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest), I'm always trying out one or two new spaces at any give time just as an experiment. For example, during the summer of 2015, I'm experimenting with Known, and I've redone my YouTube Channel so that it is full of Indian music for the students in my Indian Epics class. That's something I hope they will really enjoy!

Here's one of my YouTube playlists embedded for your listening pleasure here:

The image above is one of the GrammarCatz: In an online course, nobody knows you're a cat.

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