There Are No "Bad Hair Days" Online

Identity is a complicated business online and offline... but online, you have the freedom to emphasize your strengths, showing what you see as your best side. And no bad hair days! [next]

Additional comments:

Compare also the great blog title of a wonderful faculty member at UT Austin, Jennifer Ebbeler, who teaches online and who is a very accomplished online course designer: Teaching Without Pants.

In all seriousness, it can be liberating to be able to focus all your attention on your online content and your online interactions, without the distractions of physical appearance. This is true for students, too, especially those students who are insecure about their appearance. You, and your students likewise, get to design your online presence(s) in the ways you think best! If you want to use video, you can do that, but you can also choose just to present yourself in other ways. Just speaking for myself, I don't use video in my classes, and I always use some kind of "fox" avatar (because of the foxes in Aesop's fables!), rather than using a personal photo.

The image above is another of the GrammarCatz: Bad hair day. Very bad hair day.

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