Don't Give Up!

You may face obstacles and frustrations, but don't give up: you can get there! And remember: your students need to hear that message too, probably even more than you do. [next]

Either I will find a way,
or I will make one. 

Additional comments:

The element of challenge, and constant challenge, is crucial for real learning, and you need to make sure your students feel challenged and also that they feel empowered to face whatever challenges they face. Carol Dweck's growth mindset (mentioned in a previous slide) is a great way to conceptualize this idea of challenge its role in learning.

For more thoughts on this important topic, check out Jackie Gerstein's post: Learning About Young Makers, which includes this video from Carol Dweck:

I should add that Jackie's blog, User-Generated Education, is one of my all-time favorites for all kinds of powerful ideas and encouragement!

The image is another one of the LatinLOLCats: Aut inveniam viam, aut faciam. Either I will find a way, or I will make one.

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