Different is Good

People will go in different directions online, and those differences make a better class overall. The online space is big enough for everybody to follow their own pursuits! [next]

Different people like different things,
and each person has their own pleasures. 

Additional comments:

In addition to being afraid of challenges (and possible failure), people are often afraid of being different from other people. You can see that fear among faculty, and you can see that fear among students too. I've struggled with that in my life, having been an undeniable oddball who was never very good at pretending to be otherwise. Online, though, it's been so much easier for me to go my own way and then show people what I've accomplished, and it's also been easier for me to hook up with people who share my interests, no matter how eccentric those interests might be.

So, see if you can make your online class a place where everyone (you included!) can embrace their own different ways of learning and also share their own individual pursuits with others. The more you just be yourself while letting students be themselves too, the more everybody will get to learn from one another!

Offering choices is a powerful way to do that, and it is so much easier online to let students follow their own learning pathways, as opposed to the inherent limitations that the traditional classroom imposes. Just take some advice from Mister Rogers and remember: Every person is different from every other person in the world.

This is another one of the LatinLOLCats: Diversis diversa placent, et sua gaudia cuique. Different people like different things, and each person has their own pleasures.

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