Avoid Single Points of Failure

When you use a variety of tools and spaces in your class, you avoid the danger of having a single point of failure. [next]

Additional comments:

Every semester there is usually some kind of problem with the services hosted by my university's IT: there might be an email outage or we might get blacklisted for spam by an email provider (often Yahoo, sometimes Google), or there could be some scheduled or unscheduled maintenance on our LMS (last semester, for example, there was going to be a 48-hour LMS outage during the semester about which there were weeks of anticipatory announcements... but then it all got postponed until summer for reasons that were never really clear). Suffice to say: it's always something every semester — we just don't know what or when.

So, I am glad about the fact that in my classes, students can survive any kind of outage by practicing a little patience and working on some other class assignment while they wait for service to be restored. If the LMS is down, no worries: the only thing they do in the LMS is record their grades, which can always wait until later. If there is an email problem, we can work around that with the class Twitter and class announcements blog, etc. By not putting all my technology eggs in one basked, I'm ready to cope with the usual kinds of outages, both planned and un-planned.

The poster is another one from the Proverb Laboratory: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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