Baby Steps

Another good learning strategy: start slowly and gain confidence as you go. Be patient with yourself, and with your students too. [next]

Additional comments:

This poster is another one from the Proverb Laboratory: A child must first creep and then go. In addition, it is a beautiful example of the "small world" phenomenon: when I went to do the image attribution at the post, I learned that this image (which I found using Flickr search) was shared by none other than ... Alec Couros, who is a past presenter at this conference!

I've had that same thing happen a few other times at Flickr: when I created this pajamas poster (for my foreign-words-in-English series), I discovered by doing the image attribution that the picture came from Cobalt, who is a good friend of mine at Google+, and when I went looking for a cactus flower to use as an image in my Favorite Places blog post, I ended up with a picture taken by my long-time online friend Alan Levine, whom I met in person for the first time at a conference this summer. Flickr is a gigantic space, but somehow or other I managed to cross paths there with these familiar people!

It's good to remember that all the things on the Internet are there because people, real people, took the time and made the effort to put them there. The Internet is all about connecting, and the best connections are with people — not with things.

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