Avoid Boredom

Fun is the best... and boredom is the worst. Are you bored? Are your students bored? That means it's time to make some changes to your classes and, thank goodness, there are so many ways to have fun online. [next]

Additional comments:

Just as fun seems to me the opposite of rigor, it is also the opposite of boredom — with boredom and rigor being dangerously alike, at least in my opinion.

So, not surprisingly, one of my favorite things about teaching online is that I am never bored. There are new things to discover and share with my students every single day, and the work that they do in my classes is really exciting to watch. If you don't feel a sense of excitement about what you are doing, then change your class so that it is exciting for you. If the class is something you find exciting, it is at least possible that the students will find it exciting also.

Of course, it's not guaranteed that what you find exciting will also be exciting for your students, so you need to find out from your students what work in the class is boring or "busywork." Admittedly, it's not fun to get that negative feedback, but it's important: by honestly assessing the aspects of your class that your students now find boring, you can focus your efforts on improving those aspects of the class. Keep what is most fun, and see if you can replace the most boring activities in class with better alternatives.

The image is another one of the GrammarCatz: Bored cat is very bored.

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